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The Master

I heard a story recently about a little boy whose father bought an old piano. The boy desperately wanted to be a great piano player, but all he could play was Chopsticks. He’d play it over and over again.

One day, his dad took him to see the symphony in a great hall where a piano virtuoso was to perform. The boy wandered off before the show, and happened to find a beautiful grand piano behind a curtain. He sat down and started playing Chopsticks, completely unaware the curtain was rising to reveal the massive crowd. Upon realizing this, the boy was petrified.

Suddenly he felt two arms reaching around him. A voice whispered in his ear, “Keep playing.” These hands belonged to the piano virtuoso, who gently placed his hands on the keys with the boys. He started playing a composition by Beethoven that was composed in the same tempo, the same rhythm as Chopsticks. Gradually the whole orchestra joined in with perfect coordination.

Chopsticks never sounded so good. The Master stepped in! When we use what we have, the Master will step in and make it into a beautiful symphony.

Pray for this year to be filled with new opportunities to share the awesome Word of God! You can do anything with God. Don’t just sit and wait for a miracle… take action. You must do what you can, and He will do what you can’t! When Jesus heard of the death of Lazarus, he came to the tomb, and said “Roll away the stone”. He could have rolled it away, but He wanted the people to do what they can, and the he did what they couldn’t… raise Lazarus from the dead!

Heavenly Father, we come before you with thanks for the promise of a new beginning in You. The gift of life through your Son, Jesus Christ. We look forward to new and wonderful opportunities to share the wondrous miracle of your love and forgiveness. Give us the strength to show others who may be hurting the path to your salvation. Help us bring the joy and enlightenment of your Word to those struggling along the path of darkness, so they may see your Light. We ask for the will to do what we can, so that you can do what we can’t. We ask the Master to step into our lives and work with us to create a masterpiece in our lives. We ask these things in the precious name of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.

-Pastor Chris

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